Michelle Zehnder Fischer

for Nicollet County Attorney


I have had the privilege of serving as your Nicollet County Attorney for the past seven years.  I have dedicated my career to serving the citizens of Nicollet County. Your vote on Tuesday, November 6th, Election Day, is very much appreciated.

To truly know a community, one must live, work and play in that community.  Nicollet County has been my home for 22 years.  I know the needs of Nicollet County and what is important to its citizens. 

I will continue to be tough on crime, holding those who commit crimes responsible.  Being tough on crime does not mean we do not seek rehabilitation.  Treatment and counseling is integral to the criminal justice system.  Crime victims will continue to have a voice during the prosecution process.  Prosecution requires the balancing of multiple interests to achieve justice.

I will continue to collaborate with county departments to improve and enhance services offered to Nicollet County residents through sound legal advice.  Together, we work to make Nicollet County a wonderful place to live, work and play.


    Michelle Zehnder Fischer

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