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Zehnder Fischer must often balance multiple legal needs at any one time—from providing advice to county departments to criminal charging decisions to child protection issues.  The role of County Attorney requires the ability to balance multiple issues at any one time.


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Criminal Justice

Public safety is the priority of the County Attorney’s Office.  Everyone has a right to be safe in their homes and community.  The evidence in each case is evaluated and charges are filed that reflect the seriousness of the crime and the dangerousness of the offender.  Domestic violence and sexual assault crimes are aggressively prosecuted even though they represent some of the most difficult cases to prosecute.  Victims are often reluctant to participate in the process and may recant their statements for fear of their perpetrator.  Public safety sometimes requires moving forward with prosecution even without the cooperation of the victim.

Drug and alcohol crimes, or crimes motivated by those addictions, make up a large portion of the cases prosecuted.   A process that requires personal accountability and rehabilitation of offenders reduces reoffending.  Being tough on crime does not mean rehabilitation is not the goal of the process.  Treatment court (formally known as drug court) is an important component of rehabilitation.  We sit as a member of the weekly treatment court team and Zehnder Fischer serves on the Treatment Court Steering Committee.